Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience"

The second part of the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards is all about Singapore! As the event is being held in Singapore we need to plan out our perfect day and explain why we should be picked to go!

Why should I be picked?
1. Because I recorded the drums and guitar for my last video myself even though I have tendonitis at the moment and it hurt!
2. Because I love traveling and I haven't been to Singapore other than on a stop over!
3. I want to try the delicious foods mmmm.
4. Because I hand edited us into all the photos below! Hand edited!

So this part is about my dream day in Singapore. Of course I had to bring along my wonderful girlfriend Violet!


So there you go! Please pick us Nuffnang!

Don't forget everyone to "Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience"


  1. Haha nice work guys :)

    Arnold aka Mr.Gadget

  2. Brilliant!! You guys are sooo creative and funny!! you totally deserve to win!! Good luck guys! :)

  3. Great Post guys - managed to capture in a creative way the key sights of Singapore :-)

    A suggestion - add in some local food (since Singapore is known as food capital) - perhaps even the famous durian with some references to the Esplanade (our Singaporean architecture durian)


  4. Mr Gadget- Haha thanks! And good luck with your nominations I'm voting for you!

    Rumtum- Thanks so much for you good wishes :D I'm hoping so too!

    ZQ- Thanks so much for the suggestions next time we'll definitely give something like that a go. Or fingers crossed we'll actually get to go!

    Naka- Thank you! :D

  5. AARGG! My eyes! The awesomeness of it all. 6-6
    Great job!

  6. Super Kawaii Mama- Ahahaha I'm glad I could burn your eyes with all of the awesomeness!