Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Myspace Layout

This was my Myspace layout graphic for ages. Well it technically still is my Myspace layout but I haven’t check that site for a long time.

This picture was originally a of an actual car, though my memory is fuzzy I’m pretty sure it’s a Buick of some description. It’s one of the first vector images I ever did. I was obsessed with pinstriping at the time. Well again I’m still kind of obsessed with pinstriping. Nikki used to do some awesome pinstriping but she never got the paint to practice with, only a pen. I promised she could do Val when I get time to do her up. When I get some serious cash flow Val is going to be awesome!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Other Buddha Shirt

This little guy looks so happy. Full and happy. I want a Double Quarter Pounder with Bacon. That would make me full and happy. Mmm greasy food.

I’ve been avoiding doing Wii Fit for a while for exactly that reason. Mmm greasy food, I think I’ll avoid it some more and have a burger.

In the area of Graphic Design, this happy little Buddha was a T shirt design for an Etsy client. I haven’t been bothered with Etsy for a while, much too busy with Blue Crane.

The burger is calling too much, night guys.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dodge Nitro

Driving home the other day I saw a Dodge Nitro coming the opposite direction. They look funny over here because while they fit in with all the other big trucks in America, they don’t really have big trucks here in Australia. So it just looks like a giant brick on wheels.

I love Dodge, we used to have a Dodge Durango in the States which was very similar to the Nitro, but slightly more aerodynamic. I decided it was up to me to boost Dodge’s popularity over here, so I came up with their new ad campaign…