Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Global lights business card

As promised a looong time ago, here is the front of the Global Lights business card I made up a while ago. I've been doing a lot of business cards for start up businesses lately which has been fun but kind of boring. I want to get back into doing work that is challenging!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

About Jimmy America

“Who am I you ask? Why should you read my blog? What happened to the sock you lost in the washing machine last week?

I’m Jimmy America, I make cool Graphics and let’s face it, you have nothing better to do. Also I ate your sock.”

-Jimmy America

Jimmy America, born James McDuff, lives in a neat townhouse near the ocean with his Girlfriend and their Nintendo Wii.

Born in Windsor, England, Jimmy moved to Houston, Texas at a young age and then again to Moscow, Russia and again to Australia. After which he became quite dizzy and needed a lie down.

After graduating from Qantm College with a Degree in Applied Multimedia in 2007 Jimmy worked as a Freelance Graphic Designer to pay the bills and buy parts for his car restoration projects. He has recently set up a business with his Girlfriend and their Origami Crane. Visit Blue Crane Design here.

To entertain himself Jimmy is known for spending long hours tinkering with his 1963 Valiant Regal AP5 named Val or making sweet, sweet music on his drum kit, guitar or double bass. An acomplished musician he has performed in several bands including From The Ether and his current project SinVida.

Jimmy can be contacted through this blog by leaving a comment, at his email address or through Blue Crane Design.

And no you can’t have your sock back.